Dr. Peter Shield
  "Meet a Real Indiana Jones"  


Peter J. Shield’s "World of Unexplained Mysteries"


“Dr. Peter J. Shield has spent over 40 years writing, producing and hosting his “World of Unexplained Mysteries” Radio and Television series.  http://worldofunexplainedmysteries.com  He has during that time lived and worked in 25 countries around the world. In the 50’s he joined Cambridge Universities archaeological team on the excavation of St. Agatha’s and St. Paul’s catacombs on the remote island of Malta .

His work on the sacred Shroud of Turin studies led to the publishing of his historic recording - interviews with the Shroud Research team. The source of the image on the Shroud however has yet to be discovered. In his book “The Maltese Shroud” Dr. Shield proposes an incredible scenario involving The Knights Templar, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pope John Paul II and a plot by the infamous Illuminati to bring  about the downfall of the Catholic Church! His book will is available at Amazon.com and Kindle.

Peter is an award winning accredited Photojournalist.

 As Associated Press representative, Peter’s pictures of unrest

in the middle east graced the pages of every national newspaper

and magazine IN THE WORLD! Peter is a recognized authority in the field of International Resort

and Timeshare Development. He has completed 4 world tours and has lectured and appeared in

over 15 countries including Australia, Canada, USA, Hong Kong,

Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan,

Central America, Malta, Cyprus, Spain and Gibraltar,

before moving to Las Vegas in 1992. He continues to travel the world from his home in Las Vegas,

and writes for a world wide audience of over 4 million readers on the web.